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                               Jon Bramnick
                               June 22, 2019
                               2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

                                      The Town Book Store is hosting a Meet & Greet event for comedian, politician and trial attorney Jon Bramnick on
                                      Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 2:00-4:00 PM. Author Assemblyman Bramnick will be joined by book illustrator Pat
                                      Brentano and they will be signing copies of his new book, Why People Don’t Like You.

                                      Why People Don’t Like You, an informative and humorous guide to interpersonal skills, explains to people what not
                                      to say and why, as well as common mistakes people make when communicating in the workplace or everyday situations such as: 
    -“Don’t tell anyone they look tired unless you are their mother or doctor.”
    -“When I tell you not to bring anything to my house for a party, bring something.”
    -“When you are walking around the locker room at YMCA, wrap yourself in a towel.”
    -“When you shake my hand, don’t hurt me Hercules.”
    -“The only people who care about your success are your mother and father.”

Bramnick, who holds the title“Funniest Lawyer in New Jersey”, lives in Westfield. As a politician, he has built relationships across party lines to get things done. As a comedian, Jon studied how to make people laugh. As a lawyer, he has learned how to persuade people to agree with him. This 30 plus years of experience inspired Jon to write Why People Don’t Like You.

Jon is married to the illustrator, professional artist, and educator Pat Brentano. Pat is a recipient of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts Individual Fellowship. The Institute for Women's Leadership, Rutgers University and NJN State of the Arts produced documentaries about her work as an environmental artist. The NJN film was picked up by PBS and aired nationally. She taught Painting and Drawing at the University of Wisconsin and Kean University. To view her work visit

If you are unable to attend this event, feel free to call The Town Book Store at (908) 233-3535 to reserve an autographed copy of Why People Don’t Like You.

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